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Want that holiday feeling without leaving the city? Welcome to de Maaskantine! Located on the bank of the Maas River, de Maaskantine combines all the good things in life. We offer a selection of BBQ foods inspired by the American coast, satisfying side dishes, and fresh seasonal vegetables. Sip on beachy cocktails that make the warmest day of the year feel like a cool breeze on your tanned skin. Enjoy our food, meet our friendly staff, and relish our relaxing atmosphere. We have an outdoor patio with heated seating, picnic benches along the water, and a natural beach with colorful lounge chairs. Grab a (lounge) chair on our terrace, sandy beach, or a prime spot along the river, and sit back and relax. During the summer, we have a varied program of film screenings on the beach, 30 seconds competitions, different themed pub quizzes, and majestic parties till sundown. As always, you can enjoy BBQ foods inspired by America’s East Coast with a twist and sip on refreshing lemonades and cocktails. The best views are included with every drink and bite. Check out our event page, and menu for more info!

Plantagelaan 2, Plantagelaan 2, 3063 NG Rotterdam, Netherlands

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