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Draaimolen is a dynamic event organization from Tilburg that explores the relationship between music and visual arts, and with its endeavors strives to blur the boundaries separating the two. Since 2012, we have been organizing several indoor- and outdoor events each year such as our free-of-charge Holy Pink event, celebrating love and inclusiveness during Pink Monday, yearly Draaimolen x Nous’klaer gathering at Experience Island, multiple club nights and, of course, the annual Draaimolen Festival in September. With every event, we take new challenges and risks, aim high and bring new projects and exciting collaborations to the table. By giving room to experiment for both young talents and established artists, we let them visually interpret what we stand for. Together, we transform spaces into unique experiences. As well as spotlighting emerging talents and inviting some of our favorite electronic music luminaries to our events, Draaimolen also commissions new live shows and art projects, while encouraging cross-border collaborations with organizations sharing our values at the same time. Having teamed up with Giegling (DE), Smoke Machine (TW) and Freerotation (UK) in the past, we always leave our doors open for new inspiring and thought-provoking visions. -- (Text and image)

Draaimolen, IJpelareweg 55, 5048 TA Tilburg, Nederland