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Doka Live x GRAP present: TAPE TOY + Marathon

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Thursday, Jun 16 2022 - Thursday, Jun 16 2022

6:00 PM


Event by Doka


Doka, Wibautstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Together with GRAP we present a series of exciting live shows in our basement Doka. 𝗧𝗔𝗣𝗘 𝗧𝗢𝗬 We got to know the band as a bunch of carefree young dogs with a clear mission; to shake things up. That no longer seems to be the only goal. Some of the new songs show depth, a deeper dimension. Beneath the surface, the band has always been a bit sweltering, but that dark side is clearly showing up now. But TAPE TOY is and remains a fun band, which skilfully navigates between sparkling pop and sharp rock. Their internal, unique logic is also still completely intact. The band goes left when right is obvious. And nowhere does it sound forced, never does it sound like a trick. It just sounds like TAPE TOY. Marathon Winner of the Amsterdam Popprijs Marathon has been moving through the Amsterdam underground for several years now; more than two years of pent-up frustration has propelled the band to the surface. Frustrations about mundane, mediocre moments such as microwaved dinners and TV viewing sessions around noon. Frustrations about the disrupted society, in which people increasingly come face to face with each other and young people swim in a sea of ​​loneliness, housing shortage and lost ambition. Frustrations that Marathon has managed to turn into an inexhaustible source of energy. Marathon’s captivating songs – full of talking vocals, catchy choruses and dissonant solos – offer an encouraging perspective on a bleak reality from which you sometimes want to escape. They do this by yelling loudly about it. Always with a footnote of optimism, because even under the darkest covers you can dream of better times. -- (Text and image)


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