English theater : Picnic on the Battlefield

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Sunday, Jul 24 2022

1:30 PM


Event by Ineke Noordhuizen

Pand P, Leenderweg 65, 5614 HL Eindhoven, Nederland

International Storytelling Group brings you an absurd and funny one-act play on the stupidity of war. It's the Spanish civil war. Soldier Zapo is in the trenches, cold and alone. All of a sudden his parents and sister drop by intending to have a lovely picnic with Zapo on an active battlefield. They brought everything for a nice picnic, even a gramophone. When they put on a vibrant paso doble, an enemy soldier Zepo approaches. Tickets €10 on eventbrite


2/50 going
Angela BG
Ineke Noordhuizen
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This event is expired.
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