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AADE x ADEV (after party)

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Saturday, Oct 22 2022 · 6:00 PM - Sunday, Oct 23 2022 · 2:00 AM

Event by OT301


OT301, Overtoom, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Genre: Techno, Acid, Electro, Electronica Line up: Unit Moebius, Noise Diva, Zohar, Parrish Smith, Fre2k, HouwtjeTouwtje Soundsystem Open: 20:00 - 04:00 hrs Tickets: € 10 The AADE (Amsterdam Alternative Dance Event) is not part of the big ADE nor an anti ADE event. The AADE is a non-profit, affordable, experimental alternative organised by Amsterdam Alternative. The AADE starts of with 2 punk nights at the Cinetol but on Saturday we team up with ADEV (street parade) to organize this eclectic but highly energetic electronica night in the OT301. This event is a benfit night for AA as well as ADEV. So all earnings will be donated to both organisations afterwards. Important to mention that all the artists are playing for a very low fee that just covers their costs, to support AA and ADEV. So big u to all the wonderful artists for this gesture. On the line up we have: Unit Moebius, Noise Diva, Zohar, Parrish Smith, Fre2k and HouwtjeTouwtje Soundsystem Artist info: Unit Moebius Unit Moebius Anonymous is the 2007 rebirth of legendary band Unit Moebius. Driving force Jan Duivenvoorden continues to bring his often unpolished, relentless, repetitive, paranoid, spiritual, sexy, psychedelic and funky techno to clubs round the world. Through carefully built loops and penetrating waves and pulses, he attempts to alienate you from preconditioned states of consciousness. Noise Diva Noise Diva is an Amsterdam-based producer and DJ, Garage Noord resident, and co-founder at KLAB. Her musical stylings bridge together a variety of genres, from Moroccan trap to Egyptian R&B, French drill, dancehall, and UK garage, weaving together stories that transcend the dancefloor, while ensuring that dancers stay hot on their toes. The ecstatic flow that she creates in her sets is always unexpected, and yet guaranteed to create intimate connections around the DJ booth. Parrish Smith “No elitism, no prejudices, no genre, hypnotic, tense, comprehensible, a state of mind.” Identifying as a ‘punk technician,’ Parrish Smith is known for captivating audiences with music that is both intense and hypnotic as he embarks on a successful journey of creating spaces where walls are torn down and prejudices are non-existent. During this unique venture into the broad spectrum of electronica, Smith is able to display his take on various layers of electronic music with extreme perceptive subtlety. Emotion and intensity are the true predominant factors in Parrish Smith’s music. These two catalysts propel Parrish towards diverse styles of music, redefining the parameters of contemporary techno. Designing boundary-pushing music allows him to release truly inspirational projects. With releases on labels such as Knekelhuis, Dekmantel, L.I.E.S and Trip Records, he succeeds in his ultimate goal: unifying people by creating spaces where they can be immersed in music, free from bias or prejudice. Zohar 90’s rooted industrial beats and atmospheric tracks that reminds a bit of early Reload and Afx tracks and even some Sahko. Produced by Amsterdam based Dj Zohar who is debuting on her own DIY Zohar label with a wide spectrum of sound structures and complex moods that variates from club driven breaks, experimental electronics, ambient and dub. Houtjetouwtje SoundSystem Houtjetouwtje SoundSystem originates from Amsterdam North, founded at a 24hr North party at stichting Trammelant where the soundsystem was started using an old HiFi set playing High Quality music. HTSS was part of duo HeppiedePeppie who organised tropical style, dance music parties in Amsterdam. Once a member of bands 3-1 and Lucky Goat now playing The Moonshine Bakery. Used to Dj at Pirate radio station Patapoe and presented the program "Scheuren in de Ether". HTSS likes to promote Beats and Culture in the broadest sense from Jungle, Electro, Rave ,n Acid to Dancehall, Reggae ’n Cumbia. Fre2k aka the Freak with double E Started collecting hip hop and electro in the 80s. Founded Z-Bomb Soundsystem with friends in the early 90s and for the two decades thereafter they shaked the European acidtekno undergrounds. Now after quite some time he’s back at the trusted OT301 to give the techno virus another big outbreak. Be prepared! -- (Text and image) https://www.ot301.nl/agenda

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