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ADE: Ransom Note & Friends

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Thursday, Oct 20 2022 · 8:00 PM

Event by Borisov

Borisov, Rigakade, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ransom Note is returning to ADE on Thursday 20th October for another friends and family party at Borisov. Followings last year’s festivities at one of the city’s freshest spots, we’re heading over for round two, but this time we’ll be going until the early hours. Kicking off at 22:00 and running til 5:00, the night will be headed up by two of France’s finest DJs, TEMƎT boss Simo Cell and Nehza Records boss RONI alongside R$N family Kiara Scuro & Timothy Clerkin. French DJ and producer Simo Cell has been making waves with his singular take on fresh UK club sounds, both in his sets and with his productions. So far he’s charted releases for the likes of Livity Sound, Timedance and Wisdom Teeth and his own TEMƎT imprint, as well as collaborating with artists and crews in the French scene, namely BFDM, Bambounou, Low Jack and the Pilotwings. His DJ sets are unpredictable and dynamic, seeing him mix different electronic styles and sounds in ways you couldn’t fathom. Parisian-Malaysian DJ RONI is a master of rave-indebted sounds. Through her long-running Rinse France residency she explores the realms of breaks, bass, jungle and techno bringing a relentless energy and passion to everything she does. When she’s not in the booth she’s curating and running Nehza Records, a space for emerging artists who share her vision of club culture, which has been home to music from Amor Satyr, Rnbws, Amaliah and more. Joining them both are London-based DJ and production duo Kiara Scuro, known for navigating dark and hypnotic electronic sounds, and Insult To Injury boss and Echobox Timothy Clerkin who’s musical output swirls around rave, acid and breaks. Expect to dance, expect to sweat… 💦💦💦💦 ▲ LINE-UP (A-Z) Kiara Scuro, RONI, Simo Cell, Timothy Clerkin, & other friends ▲ TICKETS €18,- -- (Text and image) https://borisov.amsterdam/

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