Karaoke @ Stage Music Café 🎤🎤

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Saturday, Aug 6 2022

7:00 PM


Event by Jose Perez Romero

Stage Music Cafe, Stratumseind 25, 5611 EN Eindhoven, Netherlands

Time to put on your rock star pants and get those vocal cords ready! There's a karaoke event the first Saturday of every month at the Stage Music Cafe in Stratumseind. Whether you want to go up to the stage or sing along or just drink a beer with us, let's go and have some musical fun 😊

9/10 going
Farai Baya
Chloé Van Dalen
Victor A.
M Awan
Marcin Bednarek
Carl Menzel
This event is expired.
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This event is expired.
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