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Monday, Jul 18 2022

4:30 PM


Event by Elena Kaz

Klokgebouw 155, 155 Klokgebouw, Eindhoven North Brabant

We are celebrating the beginning of Summer with a very hot topic ✈️Sustainable Travelling: what are you willing to give up? 🌿 In a time where we are trying to make conscious decisions we are curious to hear if sustainability is a concern when you are choosing and planning your holidays and how much are you willing to sacrifice to reduce your CO2 🌬footprint without compromising your motivation to travel. Sustainable living & traveling become a necessity, not a luxury. We need to become aware of our personal impact. The moderator of the discussion is Ernst Galutschek, he is passionate about travelling. He will share his thoughts on what is consider sustainable travelling today and how when it comes not only to travelling but to your lifestyle and everyday decisions, not everything is as sustainable as it looks if you don’t consider the whole picture. Discussion and sharing ideas will help us be aware and possibly find solutions. Equal table format: Interactive Anyone can participate in this equal table, you will be given a symbol upon arrival, and you will be selected to answer one of the questions during the event✌️ Reserve your spot:


We are looking forward to see you at the Klokgebouw, the 18th of July at 18:30 Agenda: 18:15 Walk-in 18:30 Equal Table discussion starts 20:30 Equal Table discussion finished 20:30-21:30 Networking & Drink Details: Date: July 18th  Time: 18:30-20:30 Place: Klockgebouw, Strijp-S 🫶The Equal Table team works hard and puts many hours into making every event happen and ensuring that everybody has a good and impactful time. We believe you enjoy and appreciate our work, and your contribution to Equal Table will be a great step forward in the development Our official sponsor at this Equal Table Discussion is IBIS Power, who kindly offer us a space. _________________________________________ About Equal Table: WHAT Equal Table is an interactive discussion between a group of people where a moderator guides a free and equal conversation, leading to new and meaningful insights. HOW Organize Equal Table in different cities in the world so it can spread organically. WHY Everybody in the world can feel valuable.

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