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010-Wine Lovers Meetup #2

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Sunday, Sep 25 2022 ยท 1:00 PM - Sunday, Sep 25 2022 ยท 6:00 PM


Bermweg 74, Bermweg 74, 2906 LC Capelle aan den IJssel, Nederland

During the second Wine Lovers Meetup we will get to try out 4 different wines from Laurent Perrachon. Which wines exactly, that's still a suprise. Also some snacks will be made to acompany the wines. There will not be an indepth story or talk about the wines. As the hosts from Hospitality & Travel Rotterdam also have not tasted these wines before. We will handout a info-sheet for all the wines. And we can discuss it shortly. But mostly we will have a fun afternoon and evening.

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Jona Van Holstein
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Hospitality & Travel Rotterdam




Hospitality & Travel Rotterdam

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This event is expired.
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