Let's experience history up close!

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Saturday, Aug 6 2022 - Saturday, Aug 6 2022

10:00 AM


Event by Siddhant

PreHistorisch Dorp, Boutenslaan, Eindhoven, Netherlands

The preHistorisch Dorp in Eindhoven is the replica of a prehistoric and medieval village, complete with dwellings and demonstrations of skills used by historic people. The open-air museum recreates life from this and later eras. Let's experience history by discovering the museum and meeting hunters from the Stone Age, farmers from prehistoric times, and craftsmen from the Middle Ages. Stop for a chat and be amazed by their stories about daily life in the past.


Link of website and for tickets:


Hope to see you there ;)

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Sherry Nazir
Srija Mukka
Ilias Asprogenidis
Alexandra K
Borja Arribas
Jindy Heijm
Tiago Tavares
Rick Waterschoot
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