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You may recognize this view of the Maas and the Landbouwbelang which stands reflected in the glassy waters, a testament to Maastricht’s industrial era which now seems so out of place in the boutique and upcoming metropolis. On the outside the building is decrepit and it seems like it might crumble to pieces at any moment. But when you’re inside – just kidding, it’s much of the same. The walls are littered with graffiti, extravagant paintings of – well, I’m not sure really. And of course, when there’s a party, an immense wall of sound shakes the very foundations of the building. Every Thursday night the LBB hosts a night in their cellar location which is accessed by simply walking along the river next to the buildings until you come across a horde of party-goers waiting to get inside. The organizers always have a bonfire near the entrance, where you might want to sit with your friends, drink a beer and have a nice catch up before getting down to the serious business of dancing your *&% off. The cellar location has a bar which serves cheap beer and wine – don’t expect much though. Two euros will buy you a cup of wine, but you may have to suppress the connoisseur within you, do not smell and swivel the wine sophistically – just drink.

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