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OCCII is an independent music venue. Situated in a building complex which was squatted in 1984, legalized in 1992. OCCII has since developed into a unique social centre for alternative music and other arts. OCCII provides a cultural program that is hand-picked for those drawn to a wonderful and wide range of subversive sounds and music genres: global beats, noise, punk, folk, improv, rave, avant-garde & electronic. OCCII is not in it to make profit. We aim to be a home to all kinds of subcultures and non-commercial collaborations. At OCCII we want to create a space where all feel welcome and safe(r), regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, ability, sexuality or otherwise. Our venue is wheelchair accessible. In addition to live music, OCCII also hosts Kinderpret: a series of Tuesday & Wednesday afternoon theatre performances and workshops for kids aged 2-12 years. OCCII is part of De Binnenpret, a social center consisting of a variety of cultural and political collectives. COMMUNITY We are part of a community of musicians, artists and audience from Amsterdam and beyond: an active group of volunteers to connect music, people and other venues in the city. This community and our volunteers are the ones that continuously bring new music and new developments to OCCII. Many of them are not native Amsterdammers. OCCII has a staff of two who coordinate the program, volunteers and other tasks needed. Together we try to contribute to creating space we think is crucial to the social fabric of Amsterdam. To (re)claim a place in the ever gentrifying city center and to continue our radical, non-commercial way of hosting musicians from all over the world. We are dedicated to support anyone who would like to organize an event or become a volunteer – please read more about that here! THE BUILDING’S ARCHITECTURE People often ask us: What is the story behind the eclectic facade of OCCII? The venue was once part of a larger complex (built in 1883/84) which functioned as horse stables and a depot for trams – that’s why OCCII’s main entrance has such tall doors! The architect was Abraham Salm, he based his design on the Russian National Style, inspired by a painting of a clock made by Viktor Hartman. For many years, the facade was in disarray (very punk..!). In 2010 we were able to restore the exterior facade to its beautiful original state, with help from Monument Zorg and OCCII volunteers! Other significant buildings in Amsterdam designed by Abraham Salm and his father G.B. Salm are (what we now know as): Paradiso and de Melkweg. It’s a wonder that all three buildings have transformed into the most important venues for live music – and the squatting movement in Amsterdam is to thank for that. Read more about the history of the building on the website of Binnenpret, this blogpost we wrote and this article by ArchiHis. -- (Text and Image)

Amstelveenseweg 134, Amstelveenseweg 134, 1075 XL Amsterdam, Nederland