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Variety is our identity. In addition to our club we’re extending our identity even further. This summer we’re taking WAS. outside again – to a place where even more can be discovered and where everything revolves around the music: Orbit Festival. At Orbit Festival, all of WAS.’ partners are brought together at a venue that is an intense discovery in and of itself already: Fort Vechten. In addition to alternative music programming, we also focus strongly on art and light installations. Together with IsBurning, United Identities, Stranded FM, Uncloud, and Stichting Prisma Groep, we are preparing ourselves for an impressive house-oriented music festival. The third edition of Orbit Festival will take place on July 27th, 2024, at the unique location of Fort Vechten.

Marsdijk 2, 3981 HE Bunnik, Nederland

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