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So you might have heard of us before. You might even have some crazy stories to tell about your time at The Chupitos Club. You might not remember anything at all during your visit. Don't worry, we won’t judge...... We do want you to remember this: We are The Chupitos Club. The Chupitos Club is fun, unique, and magical in everything we do. We came from humble beginnings in 2010 and we still are humble. We appreciate every customer! The concept Chupitos Shooter Bar Amsterdam has been upgraded to The Chupitos Club, a club night-out experience where u can eat, drink, dance, and have a good time. We created 13 years of nightlife history full of memorable moments. Thanks to you our customers we would like to add 13 years more. Thank you, and enjoy your stay with us! -- Source text & image:

The Chupitos Club, Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 28, 1017 RC Amsterdam, Nederland