Off your feed, on your feet.

We are here to bring people together in real life.

Today, social media is not social at all, with its focus on dopamine loops to make you addicted to your screen and deter from face-to-face contact. We believe that the best memories are made with family and friends in real life.

Therefore, we aim to make hosting and attending events easy, and get you excited about hosting that dinner, throwing that birthday party or going to that festival with your friends.

Picture of the team
Our principles

These are the things we always have in mind when making decisions at BASH.

We value your time.

We do everything to get you into real life with as little screentime as possible.

Private by design.

Profiles on BASH require minimal information, and all events are private by default. And of course, your data is yours and is not sold to third parties.

No ads.

The business model of BASH aligns with our mission to minimise screentime.

Open and inclusive.

Links are at the core of BASH, and they are open to anyone. That means you can use BASH with non-users for all events.

Join BASH and start organising