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International Comedy

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Tuesday, Jun 11 · 6:30 PM - Tuesday, Jun 11 · 8:30 PM


Holy Moly Club, Torenstraat 17, 4811 VX Breda, Netherlands


The Comedy Club of Breda is back! Every week comedians, stand-up comedians and other guests visit the club with one goal: to make you laugh embarrassingly hard. During these evenings you’ll find both established and upcoming comedians on stage. It’s always a surprise who you’ll find on stage. No evenings is the same! Do you dare to be amazed? Comedy dinner package Go for the full Holy Moly experience! You can either get your ticket separately or a package with dinner included. Be on time To secure a great spot, make sure you’ll be on time! -- Event source: https://holymolybreda.nl/evenement/international-comedy-11-06/

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