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Saturday, Apr 13 ยท 11:00 AM - Saturday, Apr 13 ยท 1:00 PM



Catharijnekade 9, 3511 RT Utrecht, Nederland

Get ready to learn how to mix beats and create sick playlists at our DJ Workshop - it's gonna be lit! DJ Workshop Whether you dream of hitting the decks on the main stage or just want to spin some songs at home with friends, this workshop will teach you all you need to know in order to call yourself the next best DJ. You'll not only learn the technical aspects of mixing, but also how to build a set, feel the energy of a crow crowd and create a unique atmosphere that keeps people dancing. Our workshop includes: - An introduction to DJ equipment and software - Practical exercises to master mixing techniques - Tips and tricks from an experienced DJ - A cozy learning environment in Bunk Come take the first step in your DJ career. You'll be picking out your stage name in no time. -- Event source:

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This event is expired.
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