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Friday, Feb 16 · 9:00 PM - Saturday, Feb 17 · 2:00 AM

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Event by OT301 and Amsterdam Alternative



OT301-Studios, Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam, Nederland

Ondersteboven, a new collective based in Amsterdam, is a concept wherein artists from different disciplines collaborate to create an experience that stimulates more than just the hearing. During three chapters, the night evolves in a journey to a different reality. Sounds and visuals melt together, while the musical chapters support the energy of that particular moment. VJ | Matunda Groenendijk Matunda is a 3D artist with a strong focus on experimenting with software tools like Blender, Touchdesigner and Unity to create immersive experiences in virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Their work aims to explore the boundaries between reality and digital art. Additionally, they are an enthusiastic educator, sharing their knowledge with emerging artists. With a technical background and a knack for animation and VJ’ing, they have created some visually captivating performances. DJ | Lola Edo Lola Edo, a rising DJ in the Amsterdam music scene, has quickly made a name for herself. While she may be new to the scene, her contribution to the city's vibrant nightlife goes beyond mixing tracks. As the co-founder and driving force behind Pamela, Amsterdam's iconic queer bar. Her DJ sets are a reflection of her diverse musical background. Genre-spanning and adventurous, her mixes traverse techno, acid and electro house, African bass, breaks, and UK garage. Each set is a carefully curated journey, filled with captivating rhythms and emotive melodies. DJ | Essy As an enthusiast with a diverse taste for electronic music, the Rotterdam-based Essy loves experimenting while staying true to the grooviness of her sets. Her focus on progressive house and techno, seamlessly combined with breakbeat and electro elements, showcases her talent in crafting a varied musical experience. By skillfully blending genres, Essy curates versatile sets designed to captivate audiences, making her the perfect DJ to finish off the night with. DJ | mattpatat mattpatat is an Amsterdam based DJ and co-founder of Ondersteboven. When playing, he’s always looking to balance euphoric radiating energy with deep diving sounds. Mostly inspired by house, trance and techno, he also likes to switch to breakbeat and jungle. For this second edition, he’ll open the first chapter of the night with some uplifting and embracing sounds. Lola Edo | Essy | mattpatat -- Event source: https://amsterdamalternative.nl/agenda/15206/ondersteboven

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