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Solstice Festival - The Gathering

Saturday, Jun 15 · 10:00 AM - Saturday, Jun 15 · 11:00 PM


Ruigoord 76, 1047 HH Amsterdam, Nederland


SAVE THE DATE for Solstice Festival 2024 Calling all Psychedelic Travellers, Sunshine Lovers and Cosmic Dancers! On the 15th of June, we will celebrate the longest day and dance together under the majestic sun at Solstice Festival 2024 This year, next to the well-known SOLAR mainstage, we have added an extra dancefloor where you can find a broader spectrum of psychedelic styles and musical outbursts called ANDROMEDA For the times you need to rest your feet and spirits, the chill out POLARIS will meet your needs! Tickets will go on sale next Tuesday, 28th of November! To be sure you'll get the limited Early Birds, make a note in your calendar today DICKSTER | FLEGMA | HATIKWA | SCORB | BITKIT | JUSTIN CHAOS | MELBURN | LIFTSHIFT | ETHICA | KALA | SONIC TICKLE | SQUID INC | MEERKAT | ELIZA | GOLANSKI | ATRUS | BACK TO MARS | INVISIBLE RALF | BAYAWAKA | MULTI TUL | SOUNDS OF SNOW | LYDIA NEXUS | MERAKI & MAZOES | NOZEM | BEATS CIRCUIT | ZAFTRA MORGEN | CHAAKRA -- Event source:

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Solstice Festival

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