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Sonic Acts Biennal

Friday, Sep 30 2022 · 8:00 PM - Saturday, Oct 1 2022 · 3:00 AM


Genre: Electronica, soundscapes, techno, footwork Line up: Kai Whiston, Akiko Haruna, Soda Plains, Async Figure, Soft Break, séverine Open: 22:00 - 05:00 hrs Tickets: € 10 The wide-reaching, future-facing club programme of Sonic Acts Biennial 2022 forges new connections as disparate soundworlds fuse and fission, blending cutting edge sound design with anatomised club rhythms. Enmeshed together in ambiguous territory, the interconnected points of Flashing Horizons sit at the edge of our field of vision. The programme seeks to offer a glimpse at the Horizon, its bright lights guiding us in a fraught state of crisis. Showcasing an international community of intrepid sonic explorers, Flashing Horizons moves through formal experimentation and playful fantasy at OT301 on the opening night of the Biennial. British producer and experimental artist Kai Whiston epitomises this dichotomy, specialising in romanticism, amplified world building and post-genre sound design. He joins us for a live performance fresh off the back of his new album release Quiet As Kept, F.O.G. Akiko Haruna, producer, vocalist and performer, pushes at the boundaries of raucous pop, club-ready percussion, dense electronics and expansive soundscapes with euphoria and poise. Soda Plains’ productions take up elements of 1990s trance and breakbeat, marrying euphoric vocals with dizzying drops and lithe percussion. Marked by mesmeric forays into experimental production and challenging soundscapes, the music of Ausschuss seeks to reshape the club – not simply as a dancefloor ​​– but as a space to inhabit. Async Figure is a collaboration between London and Glasgow based artists MM & Suda, wrenching meaning and honesty from the most absurd trance-inflected chords and arpeggios. Rotterdam based Soft Break’s sets soar to 160 bpm, moving through gentle vocals, techno, footwork and hip-hop to sub-destroying bass. DJ and producer séverine’s work traverses the familiar and the far-flung – absorbing and sublimating sounds and sensations from deep within and high above. April222's love affair with music centres on genres pioneered by black artists, including Jersey club, rap, hiphop, RnB and afrobeat, regarding their practice as a DJ as a testament to the beauty of black art. -- (Text and image)

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OT301, Overtoom, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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