Mesure x Hama Gallery

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Wednesday, Mar 13 · 6:00 PM - Wednesday, Mar 13 · 8:00 PM

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Willemsparkweg 64H, 1071 HK Amsterdam, Nederland

In light of Women’s History Month and the success of last year's event, made-to-measure womenswear brand Mesure Amsterdam and Hama Gallery are once again joining forces for a special evening at the gallery on Wednesday, March 13th 2024. Moderator Dounia Maakor will engage the conversation with Sara Blanken (founder of Mesure Amsterdam), Nina Hama (founder of Hama Gallery) and the visitors on being a female entrepreneur in the art and fashion world. What does it mean to be a female entrepreneur in a (mainly) male-dominated industry? And why is "the woman" a recurring theme in (almost) everything we create? With this event we create a space to come together, meet each other and have an open conversation on this topic. During this evening creations of Mesure Amsterdam and works of female artists, represented by Hama Gallery, will be on display in the gallery. Tickets include drinks from female-owned wine importer Made with Maude and bites from caterer Bahar Rashid. The talk will be held in English. -- Event source:

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This event is expired.
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