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Friday, Nov 11 2022 · 10:00 PM - Saturday, Nov 12 2022 · 8:00 AM


– PAX-ROMANA: 11/11 – It’s hard to dream… so easily reality pulls us back… The time has come to release your thoughts. On Friday 11/11 we gather again to mystify reality and explore the boundaries of hypnotism and hedonism together with you. These artists will give you a chance to connect to your inner spirit, whilst the decor allows you to indulge in pleasure and intimacy. Align yourself with the music, those around you, or both in a place where your imagination can run wild… RADION: Akua | Anouschka| Function | Mary Yuzovskaya | Serti (Live + DJ) | Wata Igarashi Be extraordinary, creative, sexified, kinky, unusual or insane, but most of all express your identity. Friday November 11 | 11PM - 9AM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Age 21 + Having a ticket does not guarantee admission ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No photos, No videos We strive to create a community space where the public, artists, creators, and organizations from all identities, visible or not, can be themselves, be respected, and most importantly feel safe. A place where we can build a community together. A space of togetherness where we can unify, empower and flourish with each other. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ During PAX-ROMANA we share -as a singular collective- love and passion for the underground music, self-expression, culture, and most of all each other. The dance floor offers a way to protest, unite, celebrate, and to express our identities. Artwork by: Tessa Miserus




RADION Amsterdam, Louwesweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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