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Female Physiology - Hormones, Exercise, and Tracking

Sunday, Jun 26 2022 · 7:00 AM - Sunday, Jun 26 2022 · 8:30 AM


Learning how to work with your FEMALE physiology will make a significant difference to your health, fitness and overall well being! Join us for this 90 minute session in which we will be exploring the latest research and knowledge on tracking, exercise, nutrition and recovery strategies specifically for women of any age! We will cover: •Tracking your cycle and your transformation. What numbers should you use to track your progress and what NOT to do. Weight, biofeedback, circumference, basal body temperate? •The impact of the menstrual cycle on energy, metabolism and the nervous system. •Understanding the key hormonal and metabolic changes that happen as we start to go into perimenopause and then through menopause. Learn how to apply exercise, nutrition and recovery strategies to prepare the body and mind for better health outcomes through mid-life. •Exploring key areas relating to training, nutrition and lifestyle to help with energy levels, body composition, functional capacity, weight management, brain function and mental health. •Identifying common training, nutrition and recovery advice that is actually counterproductive for women's physiology. We will review research on training, intermittent fasting and other common recovery techniques as they relate specifically to women. ** We will not cover changes for pregnancy, that will be a whole different workshop!** Minder weergeven BUY YOUR TICKET:


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Fazantlaan 17, 5613 CB Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands

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