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Cinetol Presents: Flor Concreta + Alina Valentina + Dim Garden

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Sunday, Jun 19 2022 - Sunday, Jun 19 2022

5:30 PM


Event by Cinetol


Cinetol, Tolstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cinetol Presents: Flor Concreta + Alina Valentina + Dim Garden Cinetol presents: Flor Concreta + Alina Valentina + Dim Garden. A darkwave evening with three acts from dark cellars, to dance to between the smoke machines. Put on a long black coat, sunglasses and come our way. Flor Concreta Flor Concreta is the darkwave project of the Brazilian Vini Ferreira, who left the southern hemisphere years ago for Amsterdam to make music here. The final result of this is Flor Concreta, cold, dark, rainy and very fat. Ferreira collects his daydreams and the melodies in his head and converts them into music. Armed with synths, a drum machine and a heavy deep voice, he brings the classic coldwave sound to the 21st century, jet black but still danceable. Flor Concreta Spotify (


) Alina Valentina Although she was born on Valentine's Day, Alina Valentina does not romanticize unnecessarily. On the contrary, they always look for the dark side of the fairy tale. Her chill synthwave is produced by herself. The result sometimes sounds a bit misanthropic, but still colorful. With inspiration from old school video games, sci-fi noir and new wave and post-punk, the result is a mesmerizing result that takes you on an adventure between dark reverberations and danceable melodies. Alina Valentina Spotify (


) Dim Gardens Dim Gardens musical experiments are inspired by the North Sea and the dune landscapes and dark forests around The Hague. The producer's massive output includes albums, soundscapes, experiments, field recordings, DJ sets and more. She makes electronic synthwave and noise, between danceable and dark, with rustling synths and sounds from the dark, which translate excellently into dark halls. Dim Garden Bandcamp (


) Practical information: According to the current guidelines of the RIVM, this show is accessible without testing for access. This show is wheelchair accessible. -- (Text and image)


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