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Saturday, Nov 12 2022 ยท 10:45 PM - Sunday, Nov 13 2022 ยท 5:00 AM

Event by Parallel


Parallel, Buiksloterweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands

On Saturday the 12th of November, Canadian composer, musician, and DJ Daphni is coming to Parallel. He recently released his new album 'Cherry' which came out on his very own Jiaolong imprint on the 7th of October. Daphni is known for dynamic sets that range from groovy disco to techno and heavy acid tracks. He is bringing some support acts that are TBA soon. All of Parallel's and Daphni's earnings will be donated to charity, we are donating these to the For All We Love Foundation (FAULT). About For All Who Love Foundation The For All Who Love Foundation has the goal to create more tolerance and acceptance for people who do not conform themselves to the ideal image of western society and beyond. The foundation pays special attention to the LGBTQIA+ community, regardless of religion, vision, looks, physical disability, mental disability, race, or political belief. They also actively support the elderly, people with a disability, and the fight against discrimination and racism. https://www.forallwholove.com/ -- (Text and image) https://parallel.am/?gclid=CjwKCAjwq5-WBhB7EiwAl-HEktqHo8x2DB8G9le9-EYwzrc_i0mx1EwPVLQ1dE3-zkg6TTk-6aRNaRoCzfUQAvD_BwE

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