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Wednesday, Nov 16 2022 · 7:00 PM - Wednesday, Nov 16 2022 · 8:30 PM

Event by Boom Chicago


Boom Chicago, Rozengracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands

QUICK DETAILS Date: Wednesdays Time: 20:00 Language: English Musical Improv Spectacular Every Wednesday, come watch a Musical Improv Comedy show that is unscripted and unique each time IN ENGLISH! Expect an uplifting blend of comedy and music in each show. Buckle up for a night of laughter, dance, and song to satisfy your musical comedy needs! The show revolves around a fascinating guest storyteller who inspires the Boom cast. This becomes a starting point for original, improvised scenes and spontaneous songs based on their stories. Click on the name below to book your ticket Musical Improv Spectacular featuring Gijs Stuurman Gijs Stuurman is a Dutch as his name clearly shows. He grew up in the small town of Zaandijk, just north of Amsterdam which is world famous for the Zaanse Schans with its row of windmills. He is a freelance programmer in a niche programming language that even other programmers have never heard of and spends his time away from the computer doing improv at the Boom Chicago Academy. Musical Improv Spectacular featuring Maeva Dolle Meet Maeva. French & Dutch, fluent in neither but compensates by simply being a really nice person. Her comedy touches upon the awkward female experiences which will make you go, “Did she really just say that?” to, “I also have the same thoughts about my nails”. Maeva has been performing comedy throughout the Netherlands, London & Paris and has most recently performed at the Boom Chicago Comedy Festival 2022 & the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022. Musical Improv Spectacular featuring Susan Aretz Susan Aretz (50) is living her #Carpefckndiem to its fullest. She is a (nearly) 6 time cookbookauthor. Created her own Holy Unicorn gin and eats & drinks for a living. Susan Aretz leeft haar #carpefckndiem motto als geen ander. Deze (bijna) 6voudige kookboekauteur heeft haar eigen Holy Unicorn gin en noemt eten en drinken haar werk. -- (Text and image) https://boomchicago.nl/ "Life is better when you laugh"

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