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Thursday, Mar 14 · 8:30 PM - Friday, Mar 15 · 12:00 AM

Event by OCCII


Occii, Amstelveenseweg 134, 1075 XL Amsterdam, Netherlands

On the 14th of March, ten of Amsterdam’s cosiest student nooks and buzzing cultural spots will be transformed into vibrant stages for a night of cultural exploration. In three rounds, travel to these mini-theatres around the city and experience a variety of performances of your choosing. This year, under the theme “Artscapes”, we celebrate the diverse artistic tapestry of the city and invite visual artists to join in on the fun too! Before you head out after the performance, be sure to check out the mini-exhibitions in some of the rooms. And to conclude the night’s festivities with a bang, don’t forget to join us for the afterparty at OCCII as of 9.30pm! DIXI: Dixi is an Amsterdam based Indie Glam band. Their music is inspired by the garage rock revival of the early 2000s combined with aspects of 80s rock and modern-day pop. Their compositions consist of hard-hitting bass lines, catchy melodies, whirlwind drums and shoutable hooks. Together this four-piece creates an inviting environment with their fast-paced style. Dirtey Classy: This energetic rockband gets everyone’s feet off the floor. Their music ranges from softer rock to funky grooves: something for everyone to enjoy. They write songs about anything foolish to more serious themes. With their sharp and thick sounds, and their catchy tunes, Dirtey Classy drags you into their jumpy, energetic atmosphere. Expect a set full of dancing, singing and jumping, leaving you sweaty and full of adrenaline. DJ Sjaak: Amsterdam based vinyl DJ Sjaak (@bootlegsjaak) has been actively spinning records for the past 6 years, playing in active squats and underground venues but is also a regular at places like Paradiso, Melkweg, Markt Centraal and Garage Noord. Her sets range from hard post punk and rock ‘n roll to the most danceable disco funk and dark wave. If you hear a scratch in one of the records, then at least you know that music is tangible;) Line up for the festival is outlined here: https://www.stukafestamsterdam.nl/ Tickets can be bought via the website of Stukafest or at the door! DIXI | DIRTEY CLASSY | DJ SJAAK -- Event source: https://occii.org/events/stukaparty-dixi-dirtey-classy-dj-sjaak/

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