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Gaia Emersion Conference 2024

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Saturday, Mar 16 · 7:00 AM - Sunday, Mar 17 · 4:00 PM


833 W South Boulder Rd, Louisville, CO 80027, Verenigde Staten

Join us March 16-17 to discover new ways of being, healing, and growing with top transformational experts to align with your higher purpose. Discover your energetic gifts in navigating this time of evolving consciousness. Gaia Emersion Conference - From Metamorphasis to Mastery Life is changing quickly, and as we collectively awaken to new levels of awareness, many of us seek practical tools to navigate this unfolding journey and evoke the lives we sense are waiting for us. Join us for an immersive journey of personal evolution at Gaia’s third annual Emersion Conference, where renowned experts like Lee Holden, Maureen St. Germain, and Ibrahim Karim will guide you to recognize your evolving gifts and unlock your fullest potential. Learn how to activate Akashic consciousness to access higher levels of wisdom and thrive during these rapid shifts. Explore the science of BioGeometry, utilizing shape, sound, color, and motion to balance your energy field. Discover how it fosters a connection to higher spiritual dimensions, promotes harmony, and revitalizes your essential link to the life force within you. Plus, learn how to transform stress into vitality, navigate karmic cycles with finesse, and leverage principles of neuroplasticity to reinvent yourself and manifest your best life. The Emersion Conference is your invitation to transcend, evolve, and embrace the extraordinary possibilities within and around you. Doug Good Feather | Matías de Stefano | Maureen St. Germain | BLU | Dr. Ibrahim Karim | Emily Fletcher -- Event source: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gaia-emersion-conference-2024-tickets-642321128787?aff=ebdssbdestsearch

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