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Pooja Gaitonde Live in Concert

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Sunday, Apr 28 · 4:30 PM

Event by Theater Ludens


Theater Ludens, Burgemeester Feithplein 95, 2273 BW Voorburg, Netherlands

With her ethereal voice and unparalleled mastery of Sufi singing, Pooja Gaitonde transcends​boundaries and touches the very soul​of her audience.​Immersed in the rich tradition of​Raagdari music, Gaitonde stands as a​beacon of excellence among her peers, captivating hearts with each soul-stirring rendition.​​Under the guidance​of the esteemed Late Pandit SCR Bhatt​and the legendary Ustad Munawwar​Masoom, she has honed her craft to​perfection, but​her artistry doesn’t stop there.​Pooja Gaitonde is a trailblazer,​pioneering the fusion of Sufi melodies​with the eclectic rhythms of Jazz ,giving birth to the​concept "Sufi Jazz" she ingeniously crafted​alongside the maestro Sir Louiz Banks.​Her performances are not mere​spectacles; they are journeys of the​spirit, weaving a tapestry of emotions​that resonate deeply with all who have​the privilege of experiencing them.​​From prestigious fashion shows organised by veteran Indian actress Shabana Azmi to​international stages, Gaitonde’s​presence illuminates every venue she​graces. Her solo Ghazal album,​“Ehsaas Ki Khusboo,” released through​Times Music, stands as a testament to​her artistry and passion.​Honored with the Sur Jyotsna National​Music Award by none other than the​esteemed Chief Minister of​Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, Pooja​Gaitonde’s accolades continue tomount. Her collaborations withinternational artists in exploring the​fusion of Sufi with electronic music​have garnered widespread acclaim,including a track featured at the​illustrious Tomorrowland festival in​Belgium and another track with​legendary Sami Yusuf which she performed at Dubai Expo. Pooja Gaitonde -- Event source: https://theaterludens.nl/voorstellingen/pooja-gaitonde-live-in-concert/

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