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O.W.A.P. 2022

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Saturday, Oct 8 2022 · 9:00 PM

Event by RADION


RADION Amsterdam, Louwesweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Original Warehouse Acid Party is the bigger, yet younger brother of the “Oud Hollandsch Acid Feest” (OHAF). No average house classics party, but the Mother of all parties where all the movements in dance music of the last 25 years have found their roots, organized by the originals of old glorious times. Where parties emerged at much rougher places then a club, like old abandoned factory buildings, warehouses, industrial sites or shipyards. O.W.A.P. has been held at several old industrial places, twice a year, like Docklands, Powerzone, Het Sieraad, De Gashouder, De Marktkantine, Warehouse Elementenstraat and now Radion. An amazing crowd, many music lovers and down to the bone diehard party people, delirious with their hands in the air, striking and colorfully dressed, resurrecting the glory days of house. Smileys dominate, but also fluorescent prints, balloons, mirror balls, psychedelic patterns, sirens, stadium horns in hand and whistles around the neck. The smoke machines are on tilt, the strobes flashing as never before, because this is the O.W.A.P.! Here you can party like it was 1989, as if the sun will never come up and the party always will continue… like there is no tomorrow! AAAAAAACCCCCCCCIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD!!!!!! Featuring DIMITRI | REMY | ERIC DE MAN | ERIK E | Miss BUNTY and many more … -- (Text and image) https://radion.amsterdam/events/

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