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STRAT/osphere: A tapestry of audio art, still imagery and artifacts

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Wednesday, Feb 14 · 5:00 PM - Saturday, Feb 17 · 7:00 PM

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Event by OT301 and Amsterdam Alternative


Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam, Nederland

STRATA is the fifth performance art and film hybrid by artist duo VestAndPage (Verena Stenke and Andrea Pagnes). It is a film of philosophical, poetic action exploring caves as proto-spaces for altered states and sites of knowledge-making and human becoming. Some of the oldest known examples of human figurative artworks have been found within the caves of the Swabian Jura in Germany. These are the products of the Ice Age, dating back 33,000 to 43,000 years. VestAndPage convened an interdisciplinary gathering of over 20 artists and scientists to engage with these unique spaces and places and challenge central ontological and social issues. A special screening of the film will be held at the Ventilator Cinema // OT301 on February 16. From February 14 to 17, 4bid Gallery hosts an exhibition reflecting the collaborative process which lies at the heart of STRATA. The environment for the audio art installation by Douglas Quin is conceived as a complement to the film. Rather than recreate the film's soundtrack, the installation focuses on conveying some of the experience of the caves themselves with audio gathered in situ, from performances to soundscapes. The approach to the audio for the gallery installation involved drawing from the many hours of location recordings, deconstructing and recomposing the layers and sonic strata to intimate the resonances of Deep Time and collective consciousness. The soundscape benefits from daz disley’s elegant sound system, appropriately designed for 4bid Gallery and offering numerous possibilities for immersive engagement in an intimate setting. As part of a broader range of inquiry involving archiving and documentation, the exhibition features a range of multimedia visual elements. These include artifacts from the film and still photographs taken by Marcel Sparmann during production. The images have been processed by Fenia Kotsopoulou using various printing methods such as cyanotype, soil chromatography, and image transfer. The hybrid techniques on different materials and surfaces are a form of ‘artistic stratigraphy’––Illuminating the materiality, affect, and tactility of both image and the journey of STRATA. With sounds and voices by Susanne Weins (voice), Ralf Peters (voice), Andreas Bauer Kanabas (bass) and Stephan Knies (violin), as well as the cave environments. With performance portraits by Aldo Aliprandi, Marianna Andrigo, Anguezomo Mba Bikoro, Giorgia De Santi, Francesca Fini, Nicola Fornoni, Fenia Kotsopoulou, La Saula, Boris Nieslony, Sara Simeoni, VestAndPage, Maite Weins, Susanne Weins. Original still images by Marcel Sparmann, Fenia Kotsopoulou, daz disley, VestAndPage, and Douglas Quin. Susanne Weins (voice) | Ralf Peters (voice) | Andreas Bauer Kanabas (bass) | Stephan Knies (violin) | Aldo Aliprandi | Marianna Andrigo | Anguezomo Mba Bikoro | Giorgia De Santi | Francesca Fini | Nicola Fornoni | Fenia Kotsopoulou | La Saula | Boris Nieslony | Sara Simeoni | VestAndPage | Maite Weins | Marcel Sparmann | daz disley | Douglas Quin -- Event source: https://amsterdamalternative.nl/agenda/15252/stratosphere-a-tapestry-of-audio-art-still-imagery-and-artifacts

Mirna Dimitrova
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