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Monthly Meeting #5

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Sunday, Aug 7 2022 · 12:15 PM - Sunday, Aug 7 2022 · 3:30 PM

Wijnbar Walsjérôt, Bentinckplein 5, 3039 KL Rotterdam, Nederland

Join us on Sunday afternoon for a drink at wine bar Walsjéròt for the Monthly Meeting. About this meeting Hospitality & Travel Rotterdam is for everyone involved in the local hospitality community. The community was formed to keep everyone up to date, on a real-time basis, on what is happening in our vibrant and dynamic city. And to be able to connect with people from Couchsurfing, BeWelcome, Hospitality Club, and also connected locals, or ex-surfers. This meeting is frequently visited by people from CouchSurfing, BeWelcome, Amigos & many other hospitality or travel platforms. Everyone is welcome, you'll mostly find ex-pats and locals from Rotterdam. About the venue Walsjéròt is a wine bar in the north of the city with a great selection of wines. Seventy wines on their draught system, and sometimes some extra wines per glass or bottle. Can't choose between the many drinks on the menu? Just ask the sommelier for their advice. They'll know what you'll like. They are also well known for their cheeses. Every week, Walsjéròt will have another cheese of the week paired with a wine. How to get to Walsjéròt? We recommend taking the metro. You can easily walk from the following stations: Central Station and Station Blijdorp. The closest bus stop is Bentinckplein, which is serviced by bus 33 and 44. If you are by car, it is paid parking within the city. You'll have the most luck in a parking garage, for example, ParkBee Groot Handelsgebouw. RSVP We kindly ask you to update your RSVP status when things change. We do not rent space for the meeting, so it is always nice for our sommelier to know how many people are coming, so he can arrange sufficient seating.

Jona Van Holstein
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This event is expired.
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