Kayaking in Den Bosch

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Saturday, Jul 16 2022

2:00 PM


Event by Ammar Darwesh

Eindhoven, Centraal Station, 5612 AZ Eindhoven, Netherlands

Join for the kayaking in Den Bosch. The kayaking will be for 2 hours with the cost of 22.5 per canoe. The canoe will be for 2 people. Life jacket will be available for each one and please don't join in case you don't swim 🙂 after the kayaking we can spend some time in the city together. On next Wednesday I will buy the tickets and send tikkie to the interested people. Please could you pay € 11,25 for "Kayaking in Den Bosch" at


3/11 going
Kishaan Jeeveswaran
Nayir Labib
Diego Demarqui
Shashank Dandekar
Rebecca Croezen
Nikhil Gadve
Najat Loiazizi
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This event is expired.
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