Hamba Haa Dance Event

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Saturday, Apr 13 · 7:30 PM - Saturday, Apr 13 · 10:00 PM


Paasheuvelweg 8, 1105 BH Amsterdam, Nederland

Join us in Amsterdam as we bring together three talented dancers to share the vibrant culture of South African dance! Sibusiso, Esi.j., and Lapree Lala will give four very special dance workshopsas well as a lecture about the history and developments of SOuth African dance. We will end the day with interactive dance games and an unforgettable party by Dj Wes Lee from Ziongate! Everyone is welcome, regardless of dance experience; the focus is on dance as a social experience. ------------------------------------------------------------ Schedule: * 10:30 Doors Open * 10:45 Welcome * 11:00 Pantsula (Sibusiso) * 12:30 Pantsula to House Dance (Sibusiso) * 14:00 Lunch by Lili’sLife * 15:00 Lecture on South African Dance Culture * 16:30 Bhenga to Amapiano (Esi.j) * 18:00 Amapiano (Lapree Lala) * 19:15 Dinner by Lili’sLife * 20:30 Dance Games * 21:30 Party with Dj Wes Lee (Ziongate) ------------------------------------------------------------ Tickets: * Full day tickets (incl VAT) Early Bird until 15 March: €34 Regular Bird until 31 March: €38 Late Bird until 13 April: €42 * 1 Workshop Only ticket: €25.00 * Party Only ticket: €25.00 ------------------------------------------------------------ Vision: The vision of Hamba Haa dance event is to bring talented South African dancers to Amsterdam so they can spread their deep knowledge of the South African dance culture with us in workshops and lectures. Hamba Haa is an event at which we care deeply about equality and inclusiveness. No one should feel they are less or on a different island from others. We put emphasis on social dancing, dancing with each other for the love of music and dance. No ego and self centeredness is accepted. That’s also why we will have dance games as an activity to encourage people practicing their moves and exchanging with each other rather than against each other. The focus in dance workshops will be placed on teaching foundations and technique rather than complicated choreos. There are no cool kids and less cool kids at Hamba Haa, we are all one <3 More info and tickets at: www.ivyflow.nl/events/hambahaa Sibusiso | Esi.j | Lapree Lala | Dj Wes Lee -- Event source: https://allevents.in/amsterdam/hamba-haa-dance-event/200026140585514?ref=eventlist-cat#




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