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Hipsick @ De Koepels Rotterdam

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Saturday, Feb 17 · 6:45 PM - Saturday, Feb 17 · 8:45 PM

Event by Worm


Persoonshaven 906-910, 3071 CL Rotterdam, Nederland

FUNERAL ECSTASY – The Paradise – (EN) De Koepels Rotterdam, Persoonshaven 906-910, 3071 CL Rotterdam The Paradise marks the beginning of FUNERAL ECSTASY, a series questioning the conventional notions of endings. Can we accept the fact that everything lasts only for a limited period of time? The Paradise urges us to reflect on the impact of the cyclical nature of life. Is it a celebration, a guided meditation, or a rave for the end? The Paradise encourages heightened awareness of the present moment, emphasizing the value in each passing second. In a performative installation the audience is led through an ebb and flow, oscillating between darkness and light, intensity and tranquility; a collective experience, perceived individually. HipSick is a Rotterdam based interdisciplinary crew which operates at the intersection of performance and installation art. From a fascination with the fringes and night culture, HipSick explores and questions societal developments and normativity. The Paradise evolved through research presentations and co-creation with the audience. Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuAoYSlyrhs Nadîja Roza Broekhart | Stefan Julizar | Bas van der Kruk | Sylvia Weening | Leo Spreksel | Jeroen Molenaar | Zalán Szakács | Stefan ZMK | Nada van Dalen | Rachel Schraven | Niels Vrijdag | Aniek de Rooij | Daniek Cappetijn | Linda Ammerlaan | Demi van Kesteren | Theun Mosk | Lisette van Oostveen -- Event source: https://worm.org/production/hipsick-de-koepels-rotterdam-2/

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